Why is one company being displayed on different organization trees?

When importing cards or creating new cards, the way the company name was written may have been different, causing this. See here for conditions to make the company name the same. If each item of information is edited, it will be displayed as the same company.


Why is one person being displayed as two people on the organization tree?

It may be that these two business cards from the same person have not been recognized as the same person.

  • Please check to see if the conditions for Recognize as same person are being met.
  • After scanning the cards, please wait about one week for this to be reflected.
  • If after waiting, the problem has not been resolved:
    Correct one of the following items of one of the cards not being recognized as the same person, and then save it. The recognition as same person process will start again, and the display on the organization tree will be brought together.
    • Company name
    • Name
    • email1
    • URL1
    • Address1 Prefecture
    • Address1 City
    • Address1 Street
    • Address1 Zip Code
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