About returning the Sansan Scanner

Here we will explain where to return the scanner to and what parts must be included when returning the rental Sansan Scanner after the three-month free trial.


・Where to send to

Device representative Sansan, Inc.

Shibuya Uchida Building 3F 9-3 Sakuragaoka cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001


・What should be included

1. Tablet PC
- Docking station
- AC adapter, cord

2. Scanner
- Power cord, adapter (attached)

3. USB Cord (for connecting PC and scanner)

* In many cases, the adapters, cords, and docking station are not being returned in the package. Please do not forget to include these.
* If we cannot confirm that the entire Sansan Scanner package, including the cords, has been returned, we will bill you separately. When returning the scanner, please make sure all the items on the list are included.


・Sending fees

Please package the devices as precision devices, and then send them to our device representative by payment-on-delivery.


・Notes -When sending from outside of Japan
Please send through DHL. As Payment-on-delivery is handled by DHL.

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