How to do settings for Salesforce connect

Salesforce conect settings

To do the Salesforce connect settings, it is necessary to have user information with Salesforce Systen Administrator or information of Salesforce user with the permissions "User Administration" and "View, Create, Edit, and Delete" .
Please be aware that the preparation needed to be done for those who have the permissions necessary for doing the connect settings and those who do not are different.



Case 1: If you have the permissions

・Tasks to be done

1. Decide whether you will transfer Sansan business card data to "Account, Contact" or to "Lead".
2. Create the custom field "Business card ID" for the object you will connect to .
* If you would like to transfer business card information to "Account, Contact", it is necessary to create the custom field "Business card ID" in both of the objects.

For how to create custom fields, see here.

3. Sign in to Sansan, and follow the instructions on the screen for the connect settings.
* If the Salesforce administrator user is not a Sansan user, follow the procedure here to register as a Sansan user.

Go here for the Salesforce connect setting screen

(* How to access to "Salesforce integration"  function
[Sign In]>[Right side of "BizCard" Screen]>["Admin Settings"]>["Integration with Other Services"]>["Salesforce"])


Case 2: If you do not have the permissions

・Tasks to be done

1. Explain the benefits of connect to the Salesforce administrator (for a summary of the benefits, see here).
2. Have the Salesforce administrator become a Sansan user. (For how to invite someone to become a user, see here).
3. Show this page to the Salesforce administrator, and have them follow the procedure for connect in case 1.


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