Invitation function / Regarding invitation management

With the invitation function, regular users can invite colleagues who are not yet using Sansan. Invitations can be sent from your smartphone.
If this is your first time to use this function, please update your smartphone app.
* Customers that are currently using SAML Authentication cannot use this function.


You can use this in these kinds of cases:
-When you want to share business cards or connections with colleagues in departments not yet using Sansan
-If you transfer to a department that does not use Sansan, you can invite your colleagues there to start
-When you want someone who just joined your department to use Sansan

To minimize the work for the administrator, you can add your colleagues as users.


Regarding invitation management (for system administrators)

If "Use" is selected on the "Administrator settings", "Invitation management", "Invitation function" screen, regular users can use the invitation function. The initial setting is "Use (with approval from administrator)".

* If there are multiple contracts in your company, this setting will be for reflected for each contract.


Flow from invitation to start of usage

Regular users will invite colleagues, and when these colleagues do registration, approval request emails will be sent to the administrator. If the administrator approves these, colleagues who were invited will be added as users.

* Detailed settings for things such as permissions can be done from the "Add/ Edit user" screen.

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