Changing items displayed in the Company list

You can replace the items displayed in the list on the Company screen.


Replacing items on the list

1. Click on the icon at the right edge of the list.

2. Click on "Settings for Display items".

3. Put checks in the checkboxes of the items you would like displayed in the list.



Items that can be used

For the items selected in the settings for the display items, for each company the most recent business card information (after same-person recognition is done) will be displayed.

Item name Explanation
Company name (fixed) Company name from business card information ※1
Business card (fixed) This will bring you to the Business card list screen for this company.
Client company This will bring you to the Transaction screen for this company.
For more information about the Client company screen, see here.
Address Address from business card information ※1
Number of business cards you have Number of cards that you have
Number of business cards your company has This is the number of business cards had by your entire organization, including those of your colleagues
Most recent date received Most recent date when business card was received from this company
Number of Reports registered Number of Reports registered for this company
Most recent contact date This is the date of the most recent business card received, meeting, telephone call, or email with this company.
TDB Company code This is the identification number assigned to the company by Teikoku Databank.
If this has not been assigned, this will be left blank.
Company category

Company category items that have been set
For more information about Company categories, see here

Company memo This is a memo added to the Company details screen.
URL  URL from business card information※1

* 1 For each company, this is most recent information (from business card received date, personnel change announcements, updates to public Eight profiles) after the same-person recognition process is done for business cards.