Information about the Salesforce AppExchange App, "Sansan", and process to start using it

Here we will share some information about the Salesforce AppExchange App, "Sansan", and show the process for installing the package.
*It is necessary to have a contract for the Salesforce AppExchange option to use this.
*Before doing the tasks to install this, please do the settings for Salesforce integration first.
*To install this, it is necessary to have Salesforce administrator permissions.

What will be installed with the AppExchange App, "Sansan"

■Custom Application

■Custom Object

■Custom Tab
■Custom Field

Field Label Object Name Data Type
TransferId Sansan__TransferId__c text(32)
(PKG)BizCardId Sansan__PKG_BizCardId__c text(32)
LastBizCardOwnerId Sansan__LastBizCardOwnerId__c Lookup Relationship


1. From the system administrator account of Sansan, do the settings for Salesforce integration

2. The URL for installing AppExchange will be sent from Sansan to the Sansan system administrator whose name appears on the Salesforce integration application. 

3. Click on the URL for installing, and as shown below, select "Install for All users", and then start the installation.


With this, the installation is complete.

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