What can I do with the Salesforce AppExchange app "Sansan"?

The past business cards of leads and contacts sent from Sansan can be gathered under a career, and this can be checked as a list item called the "Business card career". You can also check which user is the holder of a given record.


In the image below, you can see the Business card career list that is displayed in the lowest part of the Details screen of the Business card career record (not either the lead or contact record). You can see in a list an overview of business cards that were sent in the past, and if you click on "Name", you can check the other detail screens of the Business card career record of the same person. You can check whether there is a history of this person having exchanged business cards with other users in Sansan without needing to go to the Sansan screen.




We have also prepared a Sandbox version AppExchange app Sansan to be installed in your company's Salesforce Sandbox environment, so if you would like to use this, please contact your Sansan sales representative. There are no differences between the specifications of the Sandbox version and those for the real environment.


*This app is not something that allows you to use all the functions of Sansan from inside Salesforce.

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