Checking Sansan's service operation status

Sansan's service operation status can be checked at


Information shown:

· Service availability
· Outage information (only shown if there is an outage)
· Scheduled maintenance (only shown if scheduled)


· Past outages
· Past maintenance


Status type

Status description
This means Sansan is working properly.
Shown during events that prevent users from logging in to Sansan.
Shown when some users cannot log in to Sansan or some functions cannot be used.
Shown when Sansan is running or processing unusually slowly.
Shown during system maintenance.



Q: How can I receive notifications on when the availability status is updated.
A: You can get updates via an RSS reader, etc. from "Receive Feed".

Q: What will it look like if there is a system outage?
A: The following will be added.

Q: How often is information updated during a service disruption?
A: There is no clear rule on this. We will provide updates as the situation evolves.

Q: Can I check all outage information on this site?
A: Events that have only a minor impact may not be posted.

Q: How long does the history cover?
A: There is no time limit. History from November 2022, when the information site started, will be shown.

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