Inactivating a user

This section provides information on how to set a user as inactive.



  • To use this function, system administrator level permission is required.
  • Passwords cannot be reset for inactivated users.


What happens when a user is inactivated?

Login Unavailable
Sansan API Unavailable for APIKey owned by inactivated users
Card scanning Unavailable
Notification (email, push) Not distributed
Virtual Cards Unavailable
If the user has been appointed as an approver:
  • - Bulk email
  • - Meishi Maker etc.
Status will be changed to inactive.
*If all approvers in an approval flow are inactivated, the flow cannot be used.


Inactive user's information usage

  Description Details
Emailing to contacts held by the user Yes (One to One unavailable) Mail to the sender of the inactivated user unavailable.
Viewing information about the user Yes Other users can still view contacts and other information held by the inactivated user, subject to their access permissions.



  • Inactive users are also counted in the number of contracted IDs.


  • When a user is inactive, contacts, reports, and tags they held will
    not be deleted. (Consider deleting the user to delete such information.)


  • Inactivated users will see a label on their user page indicating their status.


  • Admins can reactivate inactivated users.



Go to "Admin settings" and click on "Manage users".

Edit the relevant user.

Click on the "Account status" pulldown to the right of the user.

Save the changes. This will force a logout of the user. The admin and the user will be notified by email.


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