About activity numbers


Activity numbers indicate the number of times contact was made with the person whose card is shown.
This is shown as the total number of cards exchanged, emails sent and received, phone calls made and received, and meetings held.


How to check

Activity Count
In the organization tree, if you check "Holder Information" in the search criteria, an activity count will be shown for each colleague.
The last activity date will also be shown.

Click on the number of contacts to see the breakdown.
Click "See more" to go to the activity history.

The activity history has then been narrowed down to the activities of the external parties and users selected in the organization tree.
To change this, click "Reselect in organization tree" to remove the filtering.
See this page for more on the activity history.


How to use this

You can find colleagues who have a close relation (high activity count) with the person on the corresponding card, or who have recently contacted that person.
You can then use this information to approach that person.



The activity number is calculated from:

  • Business card exchanges
    • Card exchange and entry (including contacts created via Contact Inbox)
  • Emails
    • Reports automatically created by launching the mailer in Sansan (*1)
    • Reports created in the email category (*1)
    • Sent/received email via email server (*2)
  • Phone calls
    • Reports automatically created after a call was made or received using the Sansan app (only incoming calls on Android) (*1)
    • Reports created in the phone call category (*1)
  • Meetings
    • Reports created in the in-person or online meeting categories (*1)

*1. License for the report function is required.
*2. License for Smart Activity Management (email integration) is required.
*Without licenses for the above, these functions will be hidden.

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