Editing / Deleting Opportunities

Here we will show how to edit and delete registered Opportunities. If the Opportunity is one that can be viewed by the user, even if this user is not the person who registered it, editing and deletion can be done.


Search for a Opportunity from "Opportunities", "List View" and then click on "Details" of the Opportunity you are looking for.
This can also be seen from "Opportunities" of the Details about this person screen. For more details, see number six of the page here.

Editing Opportunities
1. Click on "Edit" of the Opportunity view screen.


2. Each item can be edited. After editing, press the save button, and the contents of the edit will be saved.

Deleting Opportunities
1. From the upper right of the Opportunity view screen, click on "Delete".


2. A confirmation dialog saying "Are you sure you would like to delete?" will come up. Click "OK".

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