Changing User Name, Sub-Email Address, and Language

Here we will show how the user logged in to Sansan can change user information.

User information that can be changed

  • User Name
  • Sub-Email Address
  • Language (Japanese, English)



  • From this screen, you cannot change the Email Address you use to log in. If you would like to change this, please ask the administrator in your company. For how to do this, see here.
  • Sansan will send many types of emails including News and Reminders to registered email addresses. If you would like to receive this information at another email address, please register a Sub-Email Address.
  • To see the differences between Email Addresses and Sub-Email Addresses, see here.

* Please take care not to make a mistake inputting an Email Address. Also, if you cancel a mobile phone contract and end up no longer using an email address, please make sure to delete it.



1. Click on "User Name", then on "Settings".


2. Click on "User Information".


3. Correct each item, and then click on the "Save" button.


Supplementary information

Differences between Email Address and Sub-Email Address

  Email Address Sub-Email Address
Log-in Can be used Cannot be used
Log-in information guidance Will be sent Will be sent
Guidance for password reissuance Will be sent Will be sent
Guidance for
resetting passwords
Will be sent Will be sent
News Emails Will be sent Will be sent
Reminder Emails Will be sent Will be sent
Notification Emails of Business Card Data Download Will be sent Will not be sent
Opportunity Notification Will be sent< Will not be sent