Description of card searches and display settings (From screen after the log-in screen)

From the screen that comes up after logging in, you can display business cards, search for business cards, display news, choose actions, and move to other screens.



1. Menu
In addition to BizCards, you can use this menu bar to move to screens for Reports, Bulk Email, Colleagues, Opportunities, Message icon and News icon.

2. Business card search panel
There are three ways to search for business cards: Quick,Advanced, and Tag Search.
From Cards, go to Holder choice, and search by Company, Name, email, or TEL. (You can use OR to do OR searches.)


From "Cards", go to "Holder choice", and then "Specify conditions for advanced search" to do this.
(Seach conditions can also be saved.)


3. Move to "Companies", "Reports" list button
Use this button to move to the Companies list or the Report list screens.

4. News
Here you can receive notifications of news about companies whose cards you have, personnel changes, updates to contact information, and what people of such companies have been contacted by which of your colleagues, and so on. For more details, see here.

5. Select action
If you select a business card, icons for "Edit Contact Details" and "Delete" will be displayed.


With this you can add or remove existing or new tags to the business cards you select. You can also use this to move to Manage Tag screen.
For more details, see here.


With this you can download (export as a CSV format file) selected business cards.


With this, you can call up the mailer software you usually use to send an email to the address on the selected business card. For more details, see here.


Resignation settings
Setting contacts as resigned – details here.


With this, you can make multiple changes at once to company names and telephone numbers on selected business cards. For more details, see here.


With this you can delete multiple selected business cards at once. For more details, see here.


You can also check business cards that could not be read by our input staff and by your own input create new business cards.


6. Recognize people with same names as same person
Here you can manually recognize two business cards as from the same person and collate them together. For more details, see here.


7. Business card list
This will display the user's data or a list of search results business cards. The display settings will be saved after you log out. For more details, see here.



Actions that can be taken

Share with a colleague : Share a contact in a message to your colleagues.
Copy Data : Copy the text information of that contact.
Copy Link : Copy the link to the person's contact page.
Reminder : Here you set reminders to be sent to yourself reminding you of actions to take towards this person.
Notes : Here you can view and edit memos that were registered to this business card.
Tags : Here you can view, add, or delete tags attached to this business card.
View organization tree : View the organization tree of the company to which the person belongs.
Set as resigned : If the person has resigned from the company, you can flag that.



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