Searching for data containing Non-enterable character"●".

When the staff cannot read a character or letter because the image is unclear, the letter is cut off, or if a name contains a Chinese character whose code is outside those handled(*), they will input a Non-enterable character"●".
Here we will show how to search for business cards containing "●".



*Regarding Chinese character codes that can be handled
Chinese characters that can be input in Microsoft IME will be handled. For characters that cannot be input, if it is in a name, Non-enterable character"●" will be input. If such a character appears outside of a name, a substitute character will be input instead.


1. From the home screen, click on "Advanced search".

2. In the "Others" section, click on "Add".

3. From the pull down menu, select " Non-enterable character"●" ", and then click on "Search".

4. Business cards containing "●" will come up as the search results.
* To editt the data of individual business cards, see here.