Setting the importance of business cards in Sansan

The importance of business cards put into Sansan can be set. By separating business cards by importance, you can extract them later to take different actions based on the importance.
Here we will show you how to change the importance set for business cards.


-There are four levels of importance that can be selected: Highest Priority, Important, Standard, and Not important.
-If no setting is done, the default for business cards will be "Standard".
-Setting to change this importance can be done when scanning or after scanning.


Setting importance when scanning
After selecting your department and name, if you touch "Advanced", the importance can be selected.



Setting importance after scanning

Procedure: for setting individual cards

1. Access the Business card details screen for the card you wish to change. (For how to access this screen, see here).
2. From the upper right of the screen, select "Edit", then from the "Basic Info" tab change the importance, and the click on "Save".


Procedure: For specifying importance for multiple cards at once

1. From the results of a business card search, put a check next to business cards you wish to change. Click on the icon for correcting business cards.

2. The Edit Cards screen will come up. From here, put a check in "Importance", make the change, then click on "Save".



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