Setting your own business card

You can scan your own business card and set it as "My Card". The business card you set as "My Card" will be displayed on the profile screen, and will be useful for finding people in the company. Please do not scan only your current business card, but also scan business cards you used in your past career and set them as yours.



1. Access the Business card details screen. For how to do this, see here.


2. From the upper right of the screen, click on "Edit", then "Other", and put a check next to "Set as my card". The click "Save".


3. You can check your own card on the following two screens.

(1) User Profile
You can line up your "My cards" by time and make a list of your career. In the same way, you can see the careers of your colleagues from their profile pages. For how to do this, see here.


(2) The User Information setting screen
From "User Name", go to "Settings", and then "User Information", and check there.


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