How to make use of the "Footprint identification" function provided by access analysis tools

The Footprint identification function is a function that allows you to identify who clicked a URL included in the body of an email.
What we will introduce here is what you can do if you have web access analysis tools that have a footprint identification function. 

The "Card ID" part of the URL for access analysis is obtained from Sansan.
With the Sansan Bulk email delivery function, you can insert this Card ID into the body of the email.
Please use this after creating "URL" + "Event" in your company with a web access analysis tool.


How to use the analysis results (In this example, Google Analytics was used)
1. Export the data from Google Analytics. 
2. Sort the data by the various items.
3. Search for the Card IDs included in the sorted pages, and add tags to them.
(For example, tags could be for those who stayed on a page for more than one minute, or for those who viewed six or more pages)
4. Salespeople can identify which prospects to follow up with using these tags.
 (If the list below were changed to a list of prospects and shared with the sales department, they can decide which ones to follow up with).

To search for a Card ID in Sansan, please go from "Advanced" to "Card ID", and do the search there.