Using Manage Filters (Creating Do-not-send lists) (Bulk email delivery)

With Bulk email delivery, there is a function called "Manage Filters" that blocks delivery of email to specified addresses.
If you register email addresses that you wish to exclude from delivery here, you will not need to exclude these addresses when selecting recipients, and the emails will still not be delivered. Here we will show how to register and delete email addresses to this filter.

Item Explanation
Bounced Based on Bulk email delivery results, this address is classified as undeliverable. When the delivery status is "Unknown user", "Unknown host", "Rejected", "Unidentified error", then it is automatically added here.
Unsubscribed Contacts Email addresses of customers who rejected delivery will be shown.
Excluded Contacts Email addresses that the sender does not want to deliver Emails will be shown.




-Addresses added to manage filters between pressing "Next" on the "3-3. Final Check of Addresses" of "Compose/Edit" and when the email is actually delivered will NOT be blocked by the filter. If you would like to exclude email addresses from delivery, please register them before reaching the "4. Delivery Schedule".
-The address data registered in this function cannot be downloaded.
-Email addresses and company names registered in the filter are not for individual users but for the whole company.


How to do settings

1. Click on "Bulk Email", "Manage Filters".

Settings for "Bounced Emails" and "Unsubscribed Contacts".

2. Click on either tab.


3. Register email addresses.
In the input screen, input the email addresses, and then click "Add". You can add multiple email addresses at once by separating a new line.


4. If you would like to remove a registered email address, click the "Delete" to the right of the email address, and it will be removed.


Settings for "Excluded Contacts"

5. Click on the "Excluded Contacts" tab.

6. Register email addresses or company names. There are screens for inputting email addresses and company names, so input them, and then press "Add". You can add multiple email addresses or company names at once by separating a new line.
For company names, character strings that exactly match the company name (including suffixes) will only be applied. Also, spaces and the difference between one-byte and two-byte characters matter for this, so please be carefully inputting them.

7. If you would like to remove a registered email address or company name, click the "Delete" to the right of it, and it will be removed.


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