Receiving Emails about Reports registered by other users

Here we will show how to receive Report information registered by other users by email.



  • You can select which user's registered report information will receive by email.
  • These emails will only be sent to the main email address registered in Sansan.
  • Regarding the timing of the email delivery, Report information registered on the previous day will be delivered in this day's email.
  • Emails will be sent only when "Meeting" or "Online"is selected at the time of creating the Report. If "Call" or "Email" is selected, there will be no email sent.
  • This is not a function for actively sending emails to other users about Report you yourself have registered.



1. From "User Name" at the top right of the screen, click on "Settings".

2. Click on "Follow Reports"

3. Select the users whose contact information you wish to receive emails about, and then click "Follow".

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