Tags explained: public, private and shared

There are 2 main types of tags. "My Tags" are created and owned by you and "Shared Tags" are created by other users and shared by all users.My Tags can be set as 'public' or 'private'.
See Table 1 to learn about their functions.

Table 1

○: Able to perform
×: Cannot perform
△: Only users with privileges to edit all data can perform
* Learn about changing user privileges
* Even users with full privileges to edit all data cannot access certain fields if they are restricted


Manage Tags

Tags can be managed by clicking on the tag icon and "Manage Tags".


Shared Tags

Shared tags can be created by all users.See the list on "Manage Tags" page, under the tab "Shared".


My Tags

My Tags are created by you.Find your tags under the "My Tags" tab. Private tags you've created have key icons beside them.


Colleagues' Tags

See public tags made by other users under the "Colleagues' Tags" tab.

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