Checking business card information from "News about people you know" emails

  • Updating business card information for business card already had based on the four(*) types of news information will be recommended to holders of business cards.
  • The sender of these emails will be "Sansan"
  • Users, going from this information will be brought to "Mail", "News screen", and finally the "Business card information comparison screen", and can check this information here.


*The four types of news information are:

  1. Business card information of someone that another user has registered
  2. Personnel information provided by DIAMOND Inc.
  3. Personnel information provided by Nikkei Telecom
  4. Public profile on Eight


Conditions for using

For receiving news emails, some settings must be done. For more information, please see here.



1. From the URL inside the email, you will be brought to the news screen.

In the middle of the email, there is a link "Personnel Changes", click that link. The relevant personnel changes and contact information changes will be displayed. Also, if you click on "See details", the Business card details screen will come up.


2. Check the business card information from the Business card information comparison screen.

For more details about doing this, see here.