About Combining Duplicates

Combining duplicates is a function whereby contacts with largely the same data are identified as potential duplicates and combined into one contact. It keeps you up to date, and makes it easier to keep track of job changes etc.



  • This function does not work concurrently with digitization. Please bear in mind that is may take several days for potential duplicates to be identified.
  • The system decides which is more recent is based on when the card was scanned.

Cards with a blank date will automatically be considered the oldest card. You can manually enter and adjust dates if necessary, or you can simply change the order once the contacts have been merged.


How it works

There is both automatic and manual combination of duplicates, based on how likely it is that the contacts are the same person.

  Automatic Recognize As Same Person Manual Recognize As Same Person

Any cards determined to be from the same person will be grouped together by company.

Examples of how cards can be determined to be from the same person:

  • Business cards where "Name" and "Email" are the same
  • Business cards where "Name" and "Address" are the same
  • Business cards where "Name", "Company" and "URL" are the same

  • Etc.

The system will identify business cards which have the same name or email address, and the user has the option to combine these cards into one contact.
here for how to do this.


What happens if Contacts are combined.

There are two ways contacts can be combined, depending on whether the cards are held only by you, or also by colleagues: If only held by you, then the cards are merged into one contact, and the older card information will no longer appear in the contact list or in searches. The older cards will still be available from that contact's career tab. If one or more of the merged cards is held by a colleague, then the contacts will only be linked rather than merged, meaning that they will still appear as separate contacts.


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