What Recognize As Same Person is (with my data)

Recognize As Same Person is a function that finds multiple business cards with the same first and last names, and then allows you to manage these as one person. It will keep the business card information up to date, and you can keep track of the careers and departments people have been in. Here we will give brief introduction to Recognize As Same Person. 


Main Point

  • Recognize As Same Person works with the business cards you have, and so business cards held by other users are not handled by this function.
  • Recognize As Same Person decides which business card is more recent based on the date the business card was received.

* Business cards with a blank date received will be considered to be the oldest card. If all cards have blank dates received, then no judgement can be made. If you would like to specify which one is newer and which is older, please input a date received or please change the order after Recognize As Same Person is complete.


Types and conditions for Recognize As Same Person

Recognize As Same Person can be broadly divided into two categories, automatic recognition and manual recognition. In either case, this process is not done at the same time that the card is registered; a certain amount of time is required before the process will be complete. This process only handles business cards that you have. Cards held by others will not be considered.

  Automatic Recognize As Same Person Manual Recognize As Same Person

The system will bring together business cards determined to be from the same person under one career.

Examples of how cards can be determined to be from the same person:

  • Business cards where "Name" and "Email" are the same
  • Business cards where "Name" and "Address" are the same
  • Business cards where "Name", "Company Name" and "URL" are the same

  • Etc.

The system will find candidate business cards where "Name" is the same, and the user can choose to bring these candidate cards together.


How Cards Are Recognized and Characteristics

There are mainly three ways that cards can be sorted.


Into One Career


Object What Automatic Recognition and Manual Recognition Both Do
Search Only the most recent card (by date received) will appear as a search result. Cards considered to be past career will not be displayed.
  • - These are considered to be the same person.
  • - The most recent date received will be considered the most recent. Other cards will be moved to past career.
  • - Contacts, memos, and tags attached to past cards will be moved to the most recent card.


Set As Multiple Posts


Object Only for manual Recognize As Same Person
Search These will be considered the same person, but the business cards will be managed separately, and they will both appear in search results.
  • Contacts registered to older cards will be brought together, however memos and tags will not.
  • The same person ID will be set for both cards.


Consider As Different People


Object Consider As Different People
Search This will define these cards as being from different people, and they will both appear in search results.
Characteristics There will be no change to the person ID; they will remain separate.



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