Company page and organization tree explained

Company page is where you can find the corporate profile, employees' data, organization tree, and more.


Things to note

  • The content of corporate profile is created according to the company data on the most recent business card that was received.
  • If 2 or more companies on the database are deemed to be the same company, they will be merged as one. Sansan users and company administrators do not have this feature on their platform.


Company page features

  • Corporate Profile
  • Category
  • Notes
  • News
  • Colleagues' Contacts
  • Organization Tree
  • Card List
  • Report List
  • Lead List


N.B. 1: Company administrator is responsible for inputting the company categories from the Admin Settings.
N.B. 2: Colleagues' Contacts lists 5 colleagues with the most number of Sansan contacts.


Organization Tree

The organization tree illustrates the structure of the company and the relative ranks of its parts and positions. You can narrow down the list by searching according to the period the card was received and job positions.

The tree can be printed, however, users need to be authorized by the company administrator to do so.



The total number of contacts on the organization tree is different from that of the company. Why is this?

When new cards are scanned in or contact's data is updated on Sansan, there is a time lag for the changes to be reflected on organization trees.


There are multiple cases of the same department in the organization tree? Why is this?

If contacts from the same department have cards with different forms of department names, e.g. word order or spacing are not the same, the system automatically creates two separate departments. You need to unify the department name in order to fix this.


An user's total number of contacts in list view is different from that of on the user's profile. Why is this?

This is because the number in the list view eliminates duplicates and includes cards which are set as private, but the list in the profile displays all cards.

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