If garbled text appears when calling up email software from Sansan

If you use Sansan to call up your email software and garbled text appears in the body of the email, please check the following to correct it.



This is caused by the character encoding that is set in the email software and the character code that is set in Sansan for the email software being different. If the character encodings are made to be the same, this problem will be resolved. In this example, we will show how to do this with Outlook2010 and Outlook2007. Settings for the character encoding for Sansan can be done in "Mail software being used".


How to handle this

For Outlook 2010

If in Sansan the settings for email software being used are set to "Outlook (Shift-JIS)" but the settings in Outlook are not the same, often the text comes out as garbled. Please change the settings for email software in Sansan and try again.
For Outlook(2007), Thunderbird, Mac OS, iOS, etc. UTF-8.


For Outlook 2007

If in Tools > Options > Email format >Character setting options, the following settings are done, then the text will be garbled. For the following situations, either remove the check for "Support -UTF-8" or select Thunderbird or Mac OS (UTF-8) as your email software.

1. For encode options, "Japanese (JIS)" or "Japanese (Shift JIS)" are chosen.
2. There is a check in "mailto: support UTF-8 in protocol" in the internet protocol.


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