Personal IDs and how they may be combined

As well as assigning Card IDs to individual business cards, contacts are also identified by Personal IDs.
We will explain how multiple cards with the same personal ID may be recognized as belonging to the same contact and thereby combined.


Why personal IDs are useful

  • All information belonging to one person can be accessed in one place, in Individual Information page.
  • Personal IDs are more reliable than names or email addresses when determining whether cards belong to the same person.


Cases when cards with same personal IDs are combined

  • When there are changes in job positions after company restructuring or promotions.
  • When an individual has multiple job positions in different organizations. 


Things to note

Personal IDs cannot be used to search for contact's cards. Please download the contact data into an external file first in order to search by personal IDs. Learn more here.

Personal IDs will be combined when duplicates are combined. Learn more here.


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