What a Personal ID is (How same-person processing is done)

Sansan not only assigns IDs to business cards, but to people, and determines whether cards are from the same person. Alphanumeric strings assigned to business cards are called "Business card IDs", and those assigned to people are called "Personal IDs". Here we will explain how multiple business cards are connected to one personal ID.


Benefits of Personal IDs

  • Information about one person can be viewed together on the Details about This Person Screen.
  • The determination of whether this is the same person or not done when extracting a file is more accurate than judging just by their name or email address.


How same-person processing of multiple business cards of a Personal ID is done

When a position has changed because of an organization change or promotion

  • Taro Yamada, Sectional Manager, Sales Planning Section, Sales Department, Sansan, Inc.
  • Taro Yamada, Department Manager, Sales Department, Sansan, Inc.


When a person is handling multiple positions

  • Taro Yamada, Department Manager, Sales Department, Sansan, Inc.
  • Taro Yamada, Visiting Professor, Business Card University


Main point

Searches by Personal IDs are not done on Sansan. Searches for Personal IDs are done when downloading business card data into a file. For how to do this kind of download, see here.


When Personal IDs become the same

When "Recognize as same person" happens, multiple cards will be reassigned the same Personal ID.


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