Changing the order of users

The card holder pulldown when searching and the order in which users are shown on tablet devices can be changed.



Administrative permissions are required in order to use this function.



  • If you change not only the order of the people in a department but also move them to different departments, this user will be changed to another department.
  • The administrator will be notified by email when the change is completed.
    (The subject of this email will be: Sansan department, display order has been changed)
  • Up to 100,000 selected users can be shown. Only bulk sorting can be performed if this number is exceeded.



1. Click on "Admin settings", then on "Sort display order".


2. Put a check in "Open all", and click on "Change".


3. Use the mouse to drag and drop relevant users into new places and then click on "Save".


An email notification will be sent to the system administrator.


Reflection to other screens
Reflection to each users screen
Each user will need to log out, then log in again for these changes to be reflected.

Reflection to tablet PC screen
When you click on "Sync" at the upper right of the screen, the changes made to users and departments will be reflected.

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