Deleting users

Here we will show how to delete Sansan users. By doing this setting, these people's names will no longer appear on the screen of the Sansan scanner.


There are two ways of deleting users.

  • Deleting users one by one
  • Deleting multiple users at once * This is recommended for deleting 50 IDs or more


On this page, we will show how to delete users one at a time.

For how to delete multiple users at once, see here.


Effects of deleting users

・When users are deleted, their business cards, contact reports, and tags (regardless of the privacy level) will be deleted as well. (If you don't want to delete the user, consider inactivating their account.)

・If necessary, before deleting, you can move the business cards, contact reports, and tags to another user.

・Deals registered by users being deleted will not be deleted. However, that user's name will not longer appear in the pull down menu in "Deal representative" or "Registered by". In this situation, please search for the deleted user's name from "User name direct input".



・Deleting user accounts will not affect the contract you have with Sansan.

・If you are not replacing accounts (adding and deleting) but just deleting accounts, the contents of your contract will not be changed. 

・If you would like to change the contents of your contract, please speak to your Sansan sales representative.

・After the deletion is complete, an email notification of this will be sent to the system administrator. It will not be sent to the user deleted.(Subject of the email: The "Delete" of Sansan "User" completed) 



1. Go to Admin settings Manage users.



2. Click "Change" to the left of the user you want to delete.



3. Click "Delete" to the right of the user you want to delete.



4. Put a check in the box to confirm and then click to delete.



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