Changing user information (giving permissions)

Administrators can change the user information and permissions for each user.
Here we will show how to change individual users one at a time and to change multiple users at once.



  • Administrator access required.



  • The administrator will be notified by email when the change is completed, as will any user whose department and/or permissions have changed.


User information and permissions that administrators can change

Depending on the contract you use, permission functions with a star (*) next to them are charged.
If you have any questions about the content of your contract, please speak to a sales representative.

  • User information that can be changed
    • Department
    • Name
    • Alternative Name
    • Email address
    • Sub email address
    • Language
    • Format for receiving email
    • SAML Name ID (*)
    • Account status

* User IDs cannot be changed using "By user" or "Bulk change". They can, however, be changed using "Import from File".

* The start of usage date can be changed if the date is today or later in the future, but cannot be changed if otherwise.


  • List of permissions that system administrator can give
    • User Type
    • All Data Edit
    • Download Cards,Reports (My data / All data / Custom / Prohibited)
    • Email Function
    • Opportunities (General User / administrator) *1
    • API Connection
    • View Usage Record
    • Download Company,Orgazination Tree

(※ 1) To set someone to be a deal management administrator, put a check in both Regular user and Administrator.


  • List of permissions that sectional administrator can give
    • User Type
    • Download Cards,Reports (My data)
    • Email Function
    • Opportunities (General User)



Changing one user at a time

1. Click on "Admin Settings", and then "Manage Users".



2. Click on "Change" next to the user.


3. Input the items you wish to change and then click "Save".



4. A pop-up to confirm the contents of the changes will come up. If the changed contents are correct, click "OK".





Changing in bulk (Selecting multiple users and then changing)

1 Click on "Admin Settings", and then "Manage Users". 



2. Click  "Change All.



3. Input the items you wish to change, and then click "Confirm" at the top of the screen.



4. The items you changed will be displayed in red. After confirming them, click "Save".





Q:These changes are not reflected to each user screen.
A:Users will need to log out, and then log in again for these changes to be reflected.


Q:These changes are not reflected on Tablet PC.
A:These changes will be reflected to the user names and departments when you press "Sync with center" at the upper right of the screen.


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