Main functions that can be done with System administrator level permission

Settings for departments

1. Add, edit, delete departments
New departments can be added, old ones deleted, and department names can be changed.

2. Change what can be viewed

The range of what can be viewed by a department can be changed.

3. Changes to hierarchy, display order
Changes to display order of departments and hierarchy can be done.

4. Changes to department display on the Sansan scanner.
Changes to the display of departments on the Sansan scanner (tablet PC) can be done.

Settings for users

1. Add/ Edit users
New users can be added, and user information can be edited.

2. Display order
The display order of users and their place in the hierarchy can be changed.

Holder changes

1. Holder changes
The holder of business cards and contact reports, and the owner of tags can be changed.


1. Contact report settings
Categories, memos, and templates for registering contact reports can be registered.