Setting memo template for Reports

Administrators can set to save the template to be used in the memo section when registering contact reports. Here we will show you how to set the template to be displayed in the memo section. For how to set categories, see here.



  • To use this function, system administrator level permission is required.
  • If you change, correct, or delete the memo template, there will be no effect on contact reports that have already been registered.



Common procedure

1. Click on "Admin Settings", then on "Reports settings".


2. Click on "Memo template settings".


Adding new templates

From "Select Template" click "Unspecified", then type in the template name and contents of the memo. After that, click on "Update".
* If there is a check next to "Set as default", when the "Create Reports" screen is opened, this will be the initial template.



From "Select Template" select the template you wish to edit, then change the name, contents, and options as desired. After that, click on "Update".



From "Select Template" choose the template you wish to delete, and then click on "Delete".

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