Adding, editing, and deleting departments

* To use this function, administrator level permission is required.


1. From "Admin Settings", click on "Add/Edit/Delete departments".


2. Click on "Add" that will be a higher-order department you are adding
   a. When you would like to add a department to the top of the hierarchy.
 Click "Add" displayed in next to "ALL".

    b. Adding a department under specific department
 Click "Add" displayed on next to the department that will be a higher-order department you are adding. 

3. Input the name of the department you would like to add, and then click "Add".

 For example, when adding the Marketing department

To edit department name, to delete a department, click "Edit" or "Delete" and do settings.

When you are finished adding department, a notification email will be sent to the system administrator.


4. Reflecting this to the Scanner App.
 When you tap "Sync" at the upper right of the screen, the changes made will be reflected.


The department you create within the contract you have will be displayed on all tablet PCs. If you would like to change department display for individual tablet PCs, please do this from " Sansan Scanner Display Department Settings". For more details, see here.