Setting Quick Login for smartphones (web version) (Security Settings)

Quick Login is a function where after you log in once, you can log in again by just pressing the "Quick Login" button, not needing to input your email address or password.
Counting from when each user logs in, if the expiration date for Quick Login is passed, a screen asking for the current password will come up. By inputting the password, you can once again use Quick Login.

-To use this function, system administrator permission is necessary.
-The period of validity for the Quick Login can be set to be from one to 14 days or to not have one.
-One condition of using this is that you must use the same mobile terminal (SIM card).
-You can use this with conventional mobile phones and with smartphones (Android, iPhone).

 Please try to avoid having multiple users log in to the same terminal and using rental mobile phones.
 If you are using mobiles in this way, please turn off the Quick Login function.

1.From "Admin Settings", go to "Others", "Security Settings", and then click on the "Mobile" tab.

2.Put a check in the checkbox saying "Allow to use" for the Quick Sign in function. Press the "Save" button.
*With Smartphones only you can also set the "Time Limit for Quick Sign in ". Please set this as you deem necessary.

When using Smartphone web

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