Setting access restrictions based on IP addresses (PC, Smartphone) (Security Settings)

With Sansan, you can set access restrictions based on IP addresses (global IP addresses).
Here we will show how to do this for Sansan for PC, the Smartphone application.



  • To use this, system administrator level permission is necessary.
  • For using IP address restrictions for Smartphones, there are some conditions for your internet environment. Please read here for more details.



1. From "Admin Settings", go to "Others", "Security Settings", and then click on the "IP address restriction" tab.

2. Put a check next to "Restrict".

3. From “Environment to have access restricted”, put checks in the check boxes for terminals you wish to restrict.

4. If you would like a notification email to be sent to the administrator when access is attempted from an unpermitted IP address, put a check in the checkbox saying "Send mail to administrator" under "If accessed from a forbidden IP address".

When access is attempted from an unpermitted IP address, an email with the following subject will be sent to the system administrator.
Subject:[IMPORTANT] [Sansan] Access was attempted from a forbidden IP address.


5. A confirmation message will come up. After checking the contents, click on "Save".


6. Please click on "Add permitted IP addresses" on top of the "Permitted IP addresses" column.

To edit the bandwidth of IP addresses to allow access to, use "Edit" on the left side of the IP address column, and to delete them, use "Delete" on the right side.


7. "Start IP Address" and "Finish IP Address" should be input into the Memo as necessary, and then click on "Save".


Supplementary information

When access is attempted from an IP address that does not have permission, the following message with the title "Access from your current environment is not permitted".

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