Period of validity for log-in passwords (Security Settings)

The password used to log in to Sansan has a period of validity. Here we will show how to change the length of the period of validity and explain what will happen before the end of this period and after the period is exceeded.

How to change the period of validity

Click on "Admin Settings", "Others", "Security Settings".


2. Click on the "Password" tab.

3. Select the "Password Validity Length", and then click "Save".


What will happen before and after a password expires

Before the password expires

Counting from when each user changed his or her password, at five days before the end of the period of validity, there will be a message on the home screen (the screen after logging in) advising the user to change passwords.

(There is no way to check the current setting for each user).


After the password expires

Counting from when each user last changed his or her password, after the specified period of validity has passed and the password expires, this user will not be able to log in to Sansan. On the log-in screen for each user will be message telling them to change passwords.

1. From the log-in screen, enter current email address and password.


2. The password resetting screen will be come up. Set a new password. After setting the password, the user can log in again.

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