Changing holders of tags

System users can change the holder of tags of each user.
Here we will show how to do this.
For how to change holders of business cards and contact reports, see here.



  •  Administrator access required.



  • Time required to move tags can range from just a few minutes to over 24 hours at the longest.
  • When changing tags, all the tags held by the user specified will be changed.
  • Tags have the concept of owners. Tag creator = Tag holder. The name listed in parentheses after the name of a tag in the tag management screen is the holder of the tag.
    For example: 02. Sales manager list (Kenji Yamada).
  • The administrator will be notified by email when the change is completed.
    (Subject of the email: The "Change" of Sansan "Holder" completed )



1. Click on "Admin Settings", then on "Change Holder".


2. Choose the current holder, and the new holder.


3. Select "Tags" from the Select data to be migrated, and then click on "Check what will be changed".


4. After checking the contents of the change, click on "OK".


5.In the "Operation status list" section, the status "Reserved" will appear.


6. When the status changes to "Complete", the tag change is done.


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