Functions that can be used from a PC

Here we will explain Sansan functions that can be used from a PC.


Business card management, sharing

Here we will introduce three functions of business card management and sharing. There are basic functions like those for opening up email software from a business card email address, functions for doing advanced searches by company or position, and functions for managing individuals you know by matching up business cards of the same people and using the most recent one.


1. Opening up email software from the email address of a business card

By using business card information as a connection tool, you can make your daily work more efficient.

See settings for opening up email software from Sansan


2. Finding sales opportunities through advanced searches

When you have collected business cards, do a search through the business cards of all your colleagues. As searches can be done by company or by position, you can find a connection you would have never expected from the cards of your colleagues

Doing Searches from the Detailed Search Screen


3. Database based on individuals

With Sansan, when you view the business card of a person, you can also see the most recent title and contact information of that person found in the business cards registered by your company. If you yourself were not able to keep up with that person's promotion or new phone number, you can find it from the Individual management screen.

About Individual management


Connect with Salesforce (Integration with other services)

It takes time and effort to input customer information into SFA or CRM like Salesforce. Also, to make sure that information is kept up to date is a lot of work. If you connect Sansan and Salesforce, the trouble of inputting information will be entirely gone, and the mechanism in Sansan for managing individuals can be engaged in one step so that you can automatically have information in Salesforce updated. Other external services can be connected to using APIs.

Check the procedures necessary for connect with Salesforce


* How to access to "Salesforce integration"  function
[Sign In]>[Right side of "BizCard" Screen]>["Admin Settings"]>["Integration with Other Services"]>["Salesforce"]


Bulk email delivery

Your company situation and people you have met might have changed since the last meeting.
By using tagging function, you can send out announcement periodically to introduce your seminar or new products, and that would generate new sales opportunities.

See the procedure for Bulk email delivery

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