About Settings Business Cards as Public / Private

Detailed information regarding what information is displayed when settings business cards as public / private.


Image Business card image front / back


Company Company, Department, Title, Country, Zip Code, Prefecture, City, Street, Building, URL1 on the "Basic Info" Tab and all the information on the "Company" Tab and Company (Kana), Company (English) on the "Others" Tab
Name / Importance Name, Name (Kana), Importance on the "Basic Info" Tab
Received on

Received on, Date of Position Change on the "Basic Info" Tab

* If a Date of Position Change exists, it will be displayed under the business card exchange date on the "Basic Info" tab.

Address / Phone / Fax TEL1, TEL2, FAX on the "Basic Info" Tab
Mobile Mobile on the "Basic Info" Tab
Email1 Email1 on the "Basic Info" Tab
Address2 Zip Code, Prefecture, City, Street, Building, TEL1, TEL2, Mobile, FAX, Email2, URL2, on the "Address" Tab
Others Undelivered Flag, File Output Complete, File API Export Complete, External Links, Set as My Card, View Point, Automatically Added Notes, Written Date, Updated Date on the "Others" Tab
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