If there's a difference between the number of addressees specified by a tag and the number for delivery (email)

When this occurs, any of the following may apply to cards with a tag added:


1. Email is on the Unsubscribed Contacts or Excluded Contacts list

*If the delivery status is "Unknown user", "Unknown host", "Rejected", or "Unidentified error", the email address will automatically be added to Manage Filters as Bounced, and will be excluded from future deliveries.

2. Email 1 field is blank

*Check the contacts with tags added to them to confirm if Email 1 field is entered.


3. Still being transcribed

*Wait for transcribing to finish.


4. Specific fields are classified as private

*If the contact person is not the user doing the settings for email delivery, a difference in the number of viewable business cards may result.


5. There is a duplicate email address

*The most recent address will be used. See this page for more info.

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