Characters of the file downloaded are garbled, Part 2 (Chinese-language business cards, Useing English versions of Office)

When downloading Chinese-language business cards or using English versions of Office, there may be some garbling in downloaded files. Here we will show how to do the download without any garbling.

The following procedure can also be used by those using English versions of Office when garbling occurs.

1. From "Settings" at the upper right of the screen, go to "User Information", and select English as the display language.

2. Select the data to be downloaded, and then perform the download.
For details on how to do the download, please see here.

When you open the downloaded file directly in Excel, it will be displayed with garbling and unnecessary line breaks. It will be necessary to open it once with a text editor, and then save over the data. Please follow the procedure below.

1. When the Download screen for the file is displayed, do not open it, instead press "Save". Name it, and save it as a CSV file in a location of your choice.

2. Right click the file you saved, and using "Open with", select "Notepad".

3. From "File", select "Save" , and then close.

4. From Excel, open the file you saved in step 3.