Editing cards during digitization

Whilst the cards are in the process of being digitized, users can view the scanned cards and edit certain details of the cards.


Things to note

  • Before digitization is complete, the data displayed is read by OCR (optical character reader) and is subject to change.
  • Scanned cards which do not appear under Awaiting Digitization Are likely to be Unreadable Cards. Learn more on how to view unreadable list.
  • Following actions can be taken whilst digitization is in process.
    1. View card images
    2. Add/edit notes
    3. Enter/edit date received and importance
    4. Add/delete tags
    5. Visibility settings; shared or private


Steps to take

1. Click on Digitizing then select a card which is Awaiting Digitization.


2. User can add and edit card data. Click onSave.

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