Linking with input forms on your own company's website [Web form data import]

With this function, client information input into your company's website can be automatically registered into Sansan as business card information.
Here we will show the basic specifications for this function, and introduce the guide for developers.

As of December 31, 2020, we will end the Web Form Data Input function. If you are using this function, please consider switching to the Business Card Data Registration API in the Sansan Open API.

Develop original programs for your company using the API

API Documentation 


* To use this function, administrator level permission is needed.
* To be able to use this function, you will need to do some programming on your web input form.

Basic specifications

-Access using https (only SSL v3 is supported)
-Encryption key used is 128 bits
HTTP Method:
User authentication:
-Authentication via Secret key * For how to issue Secret keys, see here.
Data format:
-For data receiving, JSON is used, for encoding, UTF-8 is used
Data creation and access limitation
-For each request, one card's worth of business card information can be imported, and the limit for one day is 500 requests.
-If the regulated limit is exceeded, all access for that day will be treated as an error.
Holder of data imported
-The Sansan user who is the holder of the Secret key used to access the web form will be the holder of the data imported.
* A "Developer's Guide" can be downloaded from "Admin Settings", "Web form data import".

How to issue an Secret key

1. Click on "Admin Settings" at the upper right of the screen, and then on "Web form data import".
2. From the Web form data import screen, select the user to use this, and then click on "Issue".
3. The Secret key will be displayed.

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