Differences between the Sansan API and Web form data import

Here we will explain the differences between the Sansan API and Web form data import.

  Sansan API Web form data import

Data is retrieved from Sansan

Data is retrieved in Sansan
Usage Purpose

You want to put Sansan data into a database managed separately

You want to manage contact information from your own website form in Sansan

For use in your own company (not to be used as part of your services or products), there is no need to apply or make a contract.

* To add this as an option, please ask your Sansan sales representative.
Flow Please do the programming for using this in your system.
To download the "Developer's Guide" for developers wishing to use the Sansan API, please see

Please do the programming for this in your company's web form.

The document for developer of Web form data import, the "Developer's Guide" can be downloaded from "Admin Settings", "Web form data import".

Giving permission Permission can be given from "Admin Settings", "Add /Change User", "API Connection".

From "Admin Settings", go to "Add / Change User", and then give "System Administrator" level permission.


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