Inviting people who you met at a trade show to your company's seminars


To get people you met at a trade show to come to your company's seminars, it is necessary to match their interests and the theme of your company's seminar. By categorizing attendees (adding tags) at the trade show by their interests, you can effectively gather people to your seminars that match their interests. By using the Sansan Tag function, manage the interests of the attendees, and effectively gather them to your seminars.


1. Create a tag for attendees of a trade show 2. Create tags to categorize the attendees by their interests. 3. Scan business cards 4. Use bulk email delivery


Flow and functions used

Before the trade show, create a "Trade show" tag and a "Product category" (Interest) tag in advance.

Example: Trade show tag "XYZ Festa 2013"…
Example: Product category (TV semi-conductors) (Mobile phone semi-conductors) (PC semi-conductors)…

After finding out what attendees are interested in, scan their cards adding the "Trade show" tag and the "Product category" tag. By doing this, you can manage who attended the trade show and the groupings of what they were interested in together.Later, extract business cards with tags that match the themes of the seminars you are holding, and send bulk emails to these people.

Example: (XYZ Festa 2013) + (TV semi-conductors)


Flow Functions used Note
Step 1.
Create new tags

Create appropriate tags such as "ABC Trade show tag" and "Product category (Interest) tag".

(ABC Festa 2013) (TV semi-conductors) (Mobile phone semi-conductors)

Step 2.
Add tags when scanning
Add tags when scanning

You can either a) bring your scanner with you to the trade show or b)write down the categories they are interested in on the business cards, and then scan them at the office.

Step 3:
Bulk email delivery
Mail delivery Select a tag that matches the theme of your company's seminar
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