Inform those involved of the progress of an Opportunity


By changing the status of an Opportunity and sharing this information with related departments, you can smoothly prepare and proceed to receiving orders. Here we will show how to notify related departments of the status of an Opportunity.

1. Register the Opportunity management information 2. Update the status of the Opportunity 3. Share information


Flow and functions used

The status of an Opportunity can be managed with the Sansan Opportunity management function. 
Settings can be done so that at the same time an Opportunity has reached a specified status, notification emails will be sent to specified users. Seeing this email, those involved can take the appropriate actions.

Example: The process until an order could be set as four steps: 1) Client visit 2) Estimation given 3) Unofficial announcement 4) Order. After that, before the order, when the status reaches step 3, settings can be done so an email notification is sent to the person in charge of handling orders. The salesperson only needs to update the status, and the person in charge of the orders can receive timely notifications for "Estimated day of order", "Product to be ordered", and " Amount", allowing him or her to prepare (forecast) the orders.

Flow Functions used Note
Step 1: (5 minutes) Do settings for email notifications Email notification settings Do settings in advance for notification emails with conditions so that when an Opportunity reaches a certain status, notifications are sent to certain people.
Step 2: (10 minutes) Register new Opportunity Opportunity management (New registration) Register the Opportunity in an Opportunity management
Step 3: (5 minutes) Update Opportunity status Opportunity management (Revision) When the an Opportunity status changes, update it in an Opportunity management.
Step 4: Order made   Orders placed with the timing of the email notifications (Share information when necessary)
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