Connecting with Salesforce: Editions that can connect with Salesforce

If you connect with Salesforce, your business card data in Sansan can become "Leads" or "Accounts" and "Contacts" in Salesforce.


Methods of Transferring

There are two methods of transferring cards, automatic and manual. You can choose one of these, but you cannot use both of them at the same time.

Automatic Transferring

When scanning or importing business cards in Sansan, Sansan automatically transfers business card information to Saleforce. Also, when you correct the business card information, Sansan will overwrites the updated information to the corresponding item in Salesforce automatically that has already been transferred. Once the settings for connecting Sansan and Salesforce are done, you do not need to do anything; cards will be automatically transferred.

Manual Transferring

Specific cards that you select will be sent to Salesforce.It is necessary in advance to do settings to connect Salesforce and Sansan. For more details, see here.


About editions of Salesforce that can connect with Sansan

You will need to use a Salesforce edition that includes Web API functions.

Products Edition
App Cloud Employee Apps and Community
App Plus
Sales Cloud Lightning Professional
Lightning Enterprise
Lightning Unlimited
Service Cloud Lightning Professional
Lightning Enterprise
Lightning Unlimited

As of October, 2015

* The amount of transfer per day depends on the edition of Salesforce you subscribe to. Business cards that exceed the maximum transfer limit per day will be gradually transferred.

* The contents above are subject to change. For the most recent information, see the Salesforce price list.

* For more details, please contact Salesforce at Salesforce customer support.


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