Delivery reservation - Cancelling / Preview - Test delivery (Email delivery: Delivery)

Here we will explain the delivery timing of Bulk email delivery and the functions for checking the delivery time.
* Delivery limit: The maximum number of emails that can be sent in one day is 100,000 (per company, not per user).
Even if you do not reach this limit, if there are multiple reservations in one day that together exceed 100,000 emails, the reservation for delivery cannot be made.

Here are the functions to be introduced

Delivery reservation

You can select from either "Send in 15 minutes" or "Specify date and time".

Cancelling delivery You can cancel till 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
Email Preview With "Email Preview", you can check the insertion of the sender's name into the subject and body of the email.
Send test email With "Send test email", you can send a test email to an address of your choice. * Insertions will not be reflected.


1. Delivery reservation and Cancelling delivery

Delivery reservation

Go to "Bulk Email", "Compose /Edit", "4. Delivery Schedule" screen. From there, select "Date and time".

  • "Send in 15 minutes" : Delivery will start in 15 minutes.
  • "Specify date and time": You can send the email at a time you specify.


Cancelling delivery

Click on "Bulk Email", "List View", and then press "Cancel" to cancel.
* Delivery can be cancelled up to five minutes before delivery.


2. Email Preview

Go to "Bulk Email", "Compose/Edit", then on the "3-3. Review & Send" screen, click the "Email Preview" button.
In the preview, inserted items will be highlighted in yellow. Real data will be displayed.


3. Send test email

Go to "Bulk Email", "Compose/Edit", then on the "2. Write Message" screen, click the "Send test email" button at the very bottom.
A screen for inputting the recipient of the test email will come up, so please put in the address you would like to use.
* Test emails can be sent to multiple people.


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