How to create templates / How to insert / Attachment files (Bulk Email Delivery, body)

Here we will explain functions used when doing the settings for the body of the email to be sent by bulk email delivery.
Here are the functions to be introduced.

Template If you save the email subject and body as a template, you can use it again later.
Inserting business card items
and signatures
With this function, you can add to the email body and subject fields names, company names, departments from business cards and others registered in Sansan. These will be applied separately to each email to be sent.
File attachments Files up to 10 MB can be attached to the emails. Only one file can be attached to each email.


1. Templates (How to create, how to use)

How to create templates

Click on "Bulk Emai;", then "Edit templates". Press the "Create template" button.
The "Edit Template" area on the right can be used for input. Please create the subject and body of the email.


How to use templates

When you are going to send an email, you can use the templates that you had made in advance.
From "Bulk Email", "Compose/Edit", "2. Creating The Body of The Email", you can use the pull-down in the "Template" item. Select the template you wish to use, and the press the "Apply" button.


2. How to insert business card items and signatures into the emails

From the subject or body of the email, put the cursor where you want to insert information, and then select what you will input from the pull-down". Click on "Insert" to insert it.

The following items that can be input are as appear below.

Addressee's Company Name This will be the company name on the business card.
If "None" is set as the company name, no text will be inserted into the email.
Addressee's Last Name This will be just the last name of the recipient on the business card.
Addressee's First Name This will be just the First name of the recipient on the business card.
Addressee's Department This will be the department on the business card.
Addressee's Title This will be the title on the business card.
Addressee's Business Card ID This is the card ID of the business card.
Sender's Name This will be the sender specified in the "Name of Sender" area.
When using "One to One Format" or "Individual Usage", user name will be inserted.
When using "Email Magazine Format", information in "Contents to be input in the Name of Sender area" will be inserted.
Addressee's Email Address This will be the Email1 on the business card.
Sender's Signature This will be the signature specified in the "Name of sender" area.
* This can only be used in "One to One Format" or "Individual Usage".