Writing memos on business cards / What you can do with memos

Here we will show how to write memos on business cards. Memos of up to 2000 characters can be attached to business cards. You can also do searches for the memos registered.


What you can do with memos

  • When updating addresses because a client's office has moved locations, if you put the previous address in the memo, you can have a history of which cards have been edited.
  • Memos are also useful for writing down impressions from when you met or things to be careful of. These will be useful for your next appointment or for handing over to others.



1. Access the Business card detail screen, and click on "Edit".


2. Input a memo, and then click on "Save".


Additional information

Searching for business cards by memos

From Advanced Search, search by "Notes" on the left side.

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